You might want a bigger deli case.

Customers love our prepared foods, salads, and desserts. And when they try one, they come back for more. Why? Well, for the best possible reason: All of our foods simply taste delicious.

Of course, that’s no accident. Our recipes use the finest and freshest ingredients, along with a liberal sprinkling of good old-fashioned creativity And everything we offer is made right here in our own immaculate, state-of-the-art facility, so you and your customers are assured of consistently exceptional quality.

Maybe it’s time to make room in your deli case for Hans Kissle.

Check out the new creations from our kitchen. When you make food this delicious, people keep asking for more. So we’ve added several new recipes to our long list of favorites. Click here to see them all.


Hans Kissle has published a new digital flip book of products. Click here to peruse our tasty offerings.